Meditation Class

Welcome to the Meditation Courses for 2018.

Throughout the year there will be several 6-week classes held with a focus on progressive healing to mind, body, soul. There will be a break in-between courses.

Light Expansion

A 6-week course of channeled transmission & guided Meditations to bring you connection and clearance to prepare for 2032. Expanding through the higher dimensions into the Earth plane with your spiritual reality.

Each week the Ascended & Cosmic Masters will take us through a specific healing process. This is a complete 6-week programme.

Course started: Wednesday 8th August / Thursday 9th August

Attend either
Wednesday @ 10.30 am  (Sold out) or Thursday @ 6.30 pm 
Price: $ 100 (for all 6 weeks)

This course connects you with…
1st Week (8th & 9th August) – Master Krishna & Beloved Lady Radha, open you to the eternal Love power of God. Bringing you forward into your own self Love through all time, space and dimensions. Then opening you to the crystalline tablets of creation for the planet for the golden age of 2032 and anchoring them into the golden cities here on Earth. Dance the celestial marriage of heaven on earth.

2nd Week (15th & 16th August) – Lady Portia will speak with you about your fears and Lord Maha Chohan will remove all fear-based programmes that are hindering your spiritual growth of mastery. Reconnecting you to your inner knowing, journeying you forward into your eternal life.

3rd Week (22nd & 23rd August) – Lady Aroha is connecting you to the lay lines of Aotearoa New Zealand. Grounding you into your Mastery body of light with the Dragons. Lady White Buffalo Calf Woman will connect you to your totem animals allowing you to receive their wisdom.

4th Week (29th & 30th August) – Lord Gautama Buddha & Lady Quan Yin open the 12 vortexes of peace on earth for the 5th dimension, anchoring them into the earths grid. Then building a rainbow bridges of compassion and mercy to your ancestral countries healing and clearing the old patterns of pain forever. Opening you to the rejoice of life here on earth.

5th Week (5th & 6th September) – Commander Ashtar & Lady Venus. Removing alien implants that no longer serve you, clearing negative ego’s and faulty programmes. Stopping you from expanding your knowledge. Then bring in from the Universe the 1,000-star codes for 2032 and anchoring them here on Earth.

6th Week (12th & 13th September) – Lady Helena Bravatsky & Lord Kuthumi, connecting you to the temple of Mastery in Poseidon. Step you into the great portal surrender to your master plan of self-leadership and information from the Masters, then clearing and integrating ten thousand soul extensions. Then you can expand into your higher dimensions through all time and space. Lord Kuthumi & Helena Blavatsky will invite you the mastery schools of light.

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Private Groups
If you have a spiritually minded group in Auckland – and would like Glenn to hold a guided Meditation for your group or talk on the Ascended Masters, please contact us.

I have attended Glenn’s guided meditation. Glenn brings such a tangible experience with the masters which are truly profound. I have received much healing during these along with such a depth of understanding, connection and purpose. Sara

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