Meditation Class

Welcome to the Meditation Courses for 2018.

Throughout the year there will be several 6-week classes held with a focus on progressive healing to mind, body, soul. There will be a break in-between courses.

Stepping Up

Course 2 has now ended!  Thank you everyone, we certainly had full classes!

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Price: $ 20 per individual class

A 6-week course of channelled transmission, guided Meditations to bring the gifts of Mastery and Initiations of the new embodiment of the Golden Age of the 5th dimension.
This stablishes a new beginning for the embodiment of the Physical, lifting it to a new dimension so that the spirit and soul within us has more access to express and connect with passionate eternal life. Each week the Ascended & Cosmic Masters will take us through a specific healing process to release.

This course connects you with…
1st Week (9th & 10th May) – Lady Isis and Master Osiris brings through the breath of life, unifying the body and mind, balancing the divine Mother & Father and connecting you with the 13 Ray codes of Eternal Life.
2nd Week (16th & 17th May) – Master Jesus resurrects the Rainbow body of light with Lady Magdalene anointing your 13 strands of DNA and Chakra points with the oil of Ascension.
3rd Week (23rd & 24th May) – Lady Nada will bring forth the crystalline codes of the cosmic Gold, Silver Violet Flame through the cells of your body. Saint Germaine through the magic of Alchemy will create an elixir that will tune to your vibration that will hold you in your personal alignment of Mastery.
4th Week (30th & 31st May) – Mother Mary and Lady Grandmother Anna connect you to your divine birth-right and blue-print of self-nurture, from the star of Bethlehem and the power of the 12-pointed star to receive the gift of the Holy Family.
5th Week (6th & 7th June) – Lord Melchizedek and Lady Rowena initiate you into and bring you the gift of your Mastery of the order of Melchizedek. The Holy Spirit will clear your body with the flame of Forgiveness from the beginning of your embodiment from time and space and all dimensions.
6th Week (13th & 14th June) – Master Vosloo and Lady Lakshmi. Reconnect to the joy and happiness of the eternal life as in heaven as on Earth. Connect to the 9 Orbs of Diamonds that will protect the mindful state of lower energies or entities entering. Bathe in the golden waterfall of rejoice and abundance.

At the end of this course, the Meditation Group will take a break, before the 3rd course will be announced.




Private Groups
If you have a spiritually minded group in Auckland – and would like Glenn to hold a guided Meditation for your group or talk on the Ascended Masters, please contact us.

I have attended Glenn’s guided meditation. Glenn brings such a tangible experience with the masters which are truly profound. I have received much healing during these along with such a depth of understanding, connection and purpose. Sara

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